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From Paonta Sahib the pilgrims proceed towards Rishikesh. On their way comes the historical city of Dehradoon. This city was founded by Baba Ram Rai son of Guru Har Rai Sahib Ji. The Guru had deserted

Baba Ram Rai due to his misinterpretation of the Gurbani. Baba Ram Rai also showed some miracles to Aurangzeb. King Aurangzeb gave him four villages in the Doon area as a reward. When the Guru Har Rai Ji and Sikhs decided not to see his face, he went to Srinagar Garwaal and became a great friend of Raja Fateh Chand. Due to his miracle powers Raja Fateh Chand annexed some territory of Raja Medani Prakash. He had many followers known as Masands. As Baba had no issue to inherit his property so Masands were trying their best to occupy the Dera. Baba Ram Rai shifted to Dehradoon. There he was cremated alive while in deep meditation. When his wife Panjab Kaur complained about this to Guru Gobind Singh he went to Dehradoon and gave severe punishment to the guilty Masands.

So many pilgrims also stay at Dehradoon and visit all the historical places.

From Dehradoon they reach Rishikesh. Rishikesh is considered to be a very holy place of Hindus. It is situated at a distance of 24 kilometers form Hardwar. Here the Sikh devotees had built a very beautiful Gurdwara where langar and tea is served day and night. Here pilgrims from all sides get together. There are also many temples and Dharamshalas, so the pilgrims do not face any difficulty in getting accommodation for night stay. Being a historical place there are many important spots to see. Near Rishikesh there is a Swarg Ashram. This Ashram had been serving the people since long. Near Swarg Ashram there is situated a very beautiful place known as Lakshman Jhula. This Jhula is just a bridge across the river, The sight of the temple and bridge is worth seeing. It becomes difficult to leave that place easily. Then comes Devprayag. This prayag is situated at the confluence of Bhagirthi and Alknanda rivers.

From Rishikesh at a distance of 110 kilometers comes the city of Srinagar. Some pilgrims also stay at Srinagar and visit the important historical places. It is also said that Gurdwara of Srinagar possesses two copies of handwritten Guru Granth Sahib. From Srinagar the pilgrims set out for Joshi Math. Many beautiful places come in their way. There also come many prayags in the way, where confluence of rivers presents beautiful scenery.



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