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The foot path from Gobind Ghat to Hemkunt is often congested with traffic. Walk on the inside of the path to avoid being knocked off the edge by passing mules, cows, sedan chairs, or people.

Landslides are common along the motor road, especially during the rainy season (July and August) and may delay travel. Drive slowly and carefully, and heed all traffic signs.

There is an (inadequate) registration system for porters and mules. Be vigilant to ensure that none of your belongings go missing. As a measure of security if you hire a porter of mule, ask for an identity card or token and keep it with you throughout the journey. There are police posts in Gobind Ghat and Gobind Dham should any problems arise.

Altitude sickness is a very serious risk along the journey to Hemkunt Sahib. Here are a few tips for keeping yourself healthy: Spend as much time as possible in the hills before going all the way up to Hemkunt. Your body adjusts to the altitude slowly. Don't let yourself become chilled or dehydrated. Dress in warm, dry clothes and drink plenty of tea, water, juice, or soft drinks. Try not to become over-tired. Watch for the following symptoms of altitude sickness: headaches, difficulty breathing, cold extremities, dizziness, disorientation, vomiting. If you or members of your group have these symptoms, go back down. Altitude sickness can be life-threatening. Once a lower altitude is reached where more oxygen is available in the air, the symptoms will be alleviated in a short time.



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