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Flower Valley 

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When we travel from Gurdwara Gobind Dham towards Sri Hemkunt Sahib then at a distance of three kilometers a path turns towards the world famous valley of flowers. In this valley grow flowers of thousands varieties and of variegated colours and fragrance. In this world there is no such place where flowers of so different varieties grow naturally. These flowers grow without assistance of mankind. The life of these flowers varies according to their species. Some flowers fade away within twenty-four hours and some bloom even for months. 

The Valley of Flowers is a glacial corridor, eight kilometres in length and two kilometres in width. Its floor slopes from almost 3,500 metres above sea level up to almost 4,000 metres. True to its name, the Valley is carpeted with wildflowers during the monsoon season. Of the many species which coexist in this unique ecosystem, the most popular among visitors are the Himalayan blue poppy native to the region, the uncommon varieties of primula and orchid which bloom during June, and the impatiens, potentillas, and campanulas which paint the valley pink, red, and purple during July and August.

A stone path meanders among the flowers and across streams. The flowers grow so tall that leaving the path is difficult. Few visitors continue beyond the first one or two kilometres inside the Valley. They pause to photograph flowers, drink from a mountain spring, and scan the valley floor for a glimpse of a grave rumoured to be there among the flowers

Scientists of India and other countries have been working on these flowers and herbs in order to make useful medicines. 

.It is said that one English woman who was then working as superintendent of the Royal Garden, came here in 1922 A.D. When she saw this valley of flowers she was so fascinated and mesmerized that she made up her mind to stay in the valley in order to study the flowers. She studies and analyzed each flower and gave it a botanical name. She also mentioned the characteristics of all flowers and prepared an encyclopedia of flowers. She stayed in this valley for six months and her books made this valley world famous.

And one day she fell seriously ill and left for her heavenly abode. She was buried in the valley and her grave had become a part and parcel of this valley



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