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                                 Gurdwara Darbar Sahib (Amritsar) 

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When Guru Ram Dass became the fourth Patshah he founded the Amritsar city and constructed inside it a beautiful holy tank of nectar. Historians describe that at the site of this tank, there existed a small pond, the water of that-pond possessed ambrosial powers. One day when Bibi Rajni visited this place with her leper husband, she was astonished to see that her husband after taking bath in that holy pond was cured of leprosy

So the fourth Guru made up, his mind to construct a Pacca tank in order to cure the people from their physical and worldly diseases. Now the people who take bath in this holy tank is rescued of all sufferings. People from all over the world come here and takes the Amrit (nectar) of this tank to their homes.

When Guru Gobind Singh in his previous birth was meditating on the name of God and had become one with God, then the Almighty ordained him to take rebirth in India. At that time the ninth Guru, Guru Tegh Bahadur was showing the right path to the crushed people of India. Guru Tegh Bahadur had contemplated on the name of God for many years at Baba Bakala in a hidden place known as Bhora Sahib.

The Almighty was so pleased at the, worship of Guru Tegh Bahadur that he decided that Sri Dusht Daman should take birth in the house of Guru Tegh Bahadur.

Guru Gobind Singh writes

Tin jo karee Alakh kee sewaa.

Taa te bhae prasann Gurdevaa.

Tin prabh jab aais muh deeyaa,

Tab ham janam Kaloo maih leeyaa.

So at the command of God, the Guru was born in the house of Mata Gujri Ji at, Patna Sahib.

As the Guru had described the place of his previous incarnation in his own autobiography, so the Sikhs had great respect for that place. Every year millions of people visit the holy place of Hemkunt Sahib.

It is a tradition that the people in the form of Jathas start this journey from Amritsar there are only two tanks the water of which is called Nectar. The tank of Amritsar is called Amrit-Sarovar and the tank of Hemkunt Sahib is also called Nectar Sarovar. When the people start their journey form Amritsar, they take the holy Amrit of Amritsar Sarovar in holy pots and carry with them to Hemkunt Sahib. There they mix that Amrit with the Amrit of Hemkunt Sahib Sarovar and in empty pots fill the Amrit of Hemkunt. Sarovar. When they return back to Amritsar they mix that Amrit with holy water of Amritsar Sarovar


As there is. great identity and equality between these two historical tanks and places so the best journey to Hemkunt is considered to be started from Amritsar.

The people travel in Jathas and first they take bath in the holy Sarovar of Amritsar. Then they visit the Harmandar Sahib and offer prayers for safe and successful journey. After taking Prasad of Grace of the Guru they start their journey via buses, trains or even on cycles. The Jathas who travel by buses their first halt is Paonta Sahib, the holy city renovated by Guru Gobind Singh Ji.




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